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The Transition V with ESP is here!  With ESP (Enhanced Scientific Performance) the new transition lens is clearer indoors with an 87% light transmission and darkens quicker outside with a 90% activation within thirty seconds. It also gets darker when fully activated, to an 84% tint at 73 degrees F. The biggest improvement is in the speed of fadeback to clear. It fades back to 70% light transmission in seven minutes compared to the twenty minutes it took the old Quantum material to fade back. This new Transition material will be available in 1.6 and 1.67 Hi-Index as well in Polycarbonate. It will be replacing the old Quantum Transition. The CR-39  and Mid-Index materials will not be affected and will still be available in the Next Generation Transition. Just as with all transition lenses, Transition V lenses maybe A/R coated to transmit more light indoors, but will still get just as dark outdoors as a Transition without A/Rcoating.  
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The New Transition V