Progressive Lens Style Min. Seg Height
AO Compact 17mm 
AO Easy 18MM 
Ao Technica 22MM 
Adapter 18MM 
Comfort 18MM 
Concise 17MM 
Ellipse 14MM 
Freedom5 22MM 
Fusion 1 and 2 20MM 
Image 18MM 
Liberty 18MM 
Life 2 18MM 
Natural 18MM 
Navigator 22MM 
Office 20MM 
Progressive Lens Style Min. Seg Height
Opti-Pol/Polar PAL 22mm 
Outlook 18MM 
Ovation 17MM 
Panamic 18MM 
Percepta 22MM 
Precise 22MM 
Prio Browser 16MM 
Proceed 20MM 
Proceed ll 18MM 
Progressive XS 16MM 
Solamax 18MM 
Sola XL 22MM 
Minimum Seg Height of Progressive Lenses
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